Shinn Kawasaki

Shinn joined the Adventure Studios team in 2013, taking charge of all things video related in terms of marketing, covering of events and creating personal videos for families to cherish their Adventure Studios experience.

Michael Marsden Kieran

Michael joined Adventure Studios in 2012 and helped kickstart the business with his expertise. Michael now oversees all things related to photography and is responsible for upholdling the standard that our studio prides itself in.

Stephanie Tang

Stephanie’s passion for photography began while she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Scripps College in Claremont, California. She joined Adventure Studios in 2013 and is responsible for marketing, client relations and photography.

Eric Woo

A creative digital/print design professional with more than 15 years of experiences working with advertising agencies. He joined Adventure Studios in 2013 and is responsible for branding.




* Terms and conditions

•  Maximum of 6 people per session, each pet count as 1 person. HK$200 surcharge for each additional person.

•  Each additional professional re-touched image — $150


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